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Experience Eden with us!

Your journey to wholeness starts NOW!


Experiencing Eden is....

A mental health online service established to care for your soul.

We facilitate the transformation of the mind, will, and emotions

that often keep us from experiencing our best life.
We work from a worldview
that is both spiritual and clinical in practice.
Our service is affordable, family oriented, and 
customized to meet your needs.

Contact us today for a free consultation. We would love to experience Eden with you!

Where JOY is our strength

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Where we find HOPE


"And they shall say,

This land that was desolate

is become like the garden of Eden..."

Ezekiel 36:35a


Experience Eden with Us



Tanesha served as an outpatient therapist for 13 years in mental health organizations located in Central and throughout Western Pennsylvania before going into private practice. Tanesha has worked with clients struggling with relationships, anger management, grief and loss, mood, anxiety, and adjustment disorders. 

Her desire is to bring healing to those who are brokenhearted, freedom to those who are bound, and joy to those who are mourning while helping them to find their purpose and enjoy the journey.



Pat comes with a wealth of experience and has served in many capacities in both religious and secular organizations. Having earned a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Counseling and a Master of Science in Addictions Counseling, she has worked with children and youth through in Northeast Philadelphia.

Pat serves as a Grief Counselor and Facilitator for “Grief & Loss, an Adjunct Professor and is the Founder of "Healing Women of God Ministry Inc.", that has helped develop the spiritual growth of women from many walks of life

BS, Urban Ministry Leadership


Pastor Greg is a graduate of Geneva College where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Urban Ministry Leadership through their Center for Urban Theological Studies (CUTS) program in Philadelphia, PA. He has served over the past 25 years through pastoral care, youth and community mentorship, social and community advocacy, drug/alcohol recovery, and those identified as "at risk" and "intellectually disabled." Pastor Greg is biblically sound, clinically skilled, transparent, and passionate about marriage and family. He and his wife, Tanesha, of over 17 years work as a team counseling couples at Experiencing Eden. Their marriage testimony will encourage anyone dealing with divorce, single-parenting, blended family issues, and children leaving the nest just to name a few.  He has coined the phrase "Experience Eden with us! You're journey to wholeness starts NOW!"

Come Experience Eden with us
as we launch out into the deep

Find Balance on your journey as you grow with us...